Ship Control

Inspired by the car industry and used in racing boats, Ship Control is an all-in-one operating system that simplifies life on board.

A quick tap of the screen and you can manage the lights, air-conditioning, Hi-Fi, electrical sources (AC), bilge pumps and navigation. It even drills down into detail like battery and fluid levels and gives an overview of the engine gauges.

Take Control

Take Control

Using the web interface you can connect several tablets to Ship Control so each member of the crew can have complete control from anywhere on the boat.



Similar to smartphones and tablets, Ship Control is intuitively controlled by tapping and swiping icons. The number and nature of the functions is adapted to each model.

With easy and instant access to this data, you are well informed and in control of what’s happening on your boat.

It’s an innovation designed to make boating easy for everyone.


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