Ian and Andrea Treleaven’s top tips for European handovers

After 17 summers cruising around Europe on a variety of Beneteaus, it’s fair to say that Ian and Andrea Treleaven knows a thing or two about the Beneteau brand and European handovers.

In fact, this adventurous couple is so passionate about the Beneteau brand and their own experience with Euro handovers, they’re now sharing their knowledge with other sailors who also want to enjoy a trip of a lifetime, sailing in some of the best cruising grounds in the world.

Flagstaff Marine caught up with Ian and Andrea to find out why they are so passionate about European handovers and how the ongoing support from the Flagstaff Marine team has made the experience so rewarding.

We are unashamed Beneteau fans

We are unashamed Beneteau fans

Ian is no stranger to the Beneteau brand… and he’s happy to admit he’s an “unashamed” fan.

“From my very first Beneteau Oceanis 473, which I bought through Micah Lane’s company in 2003, I was hooked. Beneteaus are usable and very comfortable. They’ve got the concept right and they have good support around the world, and that’s very important.

We spent four years cruising on the Oceanis 473 around the Med. And from that, we worked out what we actually wanted in a yacht.

We wanted it to be self-sufficient, so we didn’t always have to go into marinas. We wanted a generator so we could make our own power, a water maker so we could make our own water, and we wanted a washing machine, because believe it or not, it’s not that easy getting washing done in Europe!”

Our first Euro delivery with the Beneteau Oceanis 50

Our first Euro delivery with the Beneteau Oceanis 50

Based on their extensive list of ‘must-haves’, Ian and Andrea decided to buy a Beneteau Oceanis 50 through VicSail and collect it in France.

“Opting for a Euro delivery and collecting it in France from the factory allowed us to get all the extra things we wanted to be put on.

When people ask me what they should get fitted on their boat I always recommend a washing machine, it’s a must. You also need electric winches. We have a Nespresso machine, a toaster, a kettle, an orange juicer… what I’m saying is you need power on the boat. You need a generator and a big bank of batteries to make sure they all work. Power is the most important thing on a boat and people don’t realise that.

I recommend to everyone who is buying a boat to try and get everything factory fitted. Don’t try and fit it yourself. For instance, in our first boat, we thought we could do it better fitting in the TV ourselves. It ended up costing three times as much and took three times as long to work!”

Micah and the Flagstaff Marine team are always there to look after us

Micah and the Flagstaff Marine team are always there to look after us

After a decade of enjoying their yacht, it was time to sell and move on to the next great vessel.

Micah Lane sold our Beneteau Oceanis 50 for us too, years ago. We had it for 10 years. We’ve been across the Atlantic, spent three seasons in the Caribbean and then came back and had more time in the Med.

We decided it was time to sell it and list it through Micah. Even though it was in Greece in the Ionian Islands at the time, Micah actually had it sold and a done deal in two weeks.”

Throughout Ian and Andrea’s many years of sailing and cruising, they absolutely love working alongside Micah and Flagstaff Marine.

“Micah’s great. I enjoy working with him and when he sold our boat, he was very professional. He’s not a pushy salesman, he’s very pleasant to work with, and knows his stuff. He’s very easy and nice to deal with.”

17 seasons of European handovers

17 seasons of European handovers

Ian is an expert at looking after European handovers and cruising around Europe. In fact, Ian believes this is his 17th season doing European handovers!

But the Oceanis 50 was only scratching the surface of Ian and Andrea’s amazing European cruises.

Throughout Ian’s sailing journey, he’s spent a lot of time understanding boats. As he’s helped with handovers in France and Spain, he realised that his expertise could assist other boat hungry sailors.

“Since I got my own boat, I’ve assisted people with handovers and what they need in the Med. I’ve had several people come to me and say, “You’re the expert, tell me what I need.”

Ian’s success at helping with European handovers isn’t just from his hard work. His wife, Andrea, also wrote two books about their experience.

“My wife wrote two books about what we do: Letters from the Med: Sun, Sails, Sea and Sumptuous Food’ and ‘Letters From The Caribbean: Sailing in the West Indies’. Because of that, people read them and say, “Oh, I want to do that.” That’s when they come to me and have a coffee and I can offer more information.”

Things to do and see on your European handover

Things to do and see on your European handover

While there are dozens of beautiful destinations for sailors like Ian and Andrea to enjoy, they do have their particular favourite spots.

“We love the Ionian Islands in Greece, it’s very easy sailing; there’s shelter, and there are fun things to do. We’re also going up to Croatia, which is probably the best cruising ground.”

The stunning Beneteau Oceanis 58

The stunning Beneteau Oceanis 58

Ian enjoys sailing the open seas. In fact, he’s currently in Montenegro with his wife Andrea, looking after his friend’s Beneteau Oceanis 58. And it’s not just the boat that he’s enjoying.

“We’re currently in Montenegro. It’s hot weather, but it’s a beautiful place, we’re just loving it. We first came here in 2004 and only stayed for four days, but this time we’re here for two to three weeks,” says Ian.

Imagine collecting your new yacht in France?

Spending the Aussie winter exploring warm Mediterranean waters; stopping at picturesque quays to explore historical towns; sampling superb European cuisine and wine; perhaps even sailing home via the South Pacific. Sound good? It is!

Flagstaff Marine offers European Delivery across our entire range of Beneteau and AMEL yachts and EXCESS catamarans.

Want to know more about our European Delivery service? Contact us for more information.


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