Pierangelo Andreani

Gran Turismo 49 | Gran Turismo 49 Fly | Oceanis Yacht 62 | Swift Trawler 30 | Monte Carlo 4

Pierangelo Andreani knows how to design clean lines and luxurious vehicles, having started his career working with supercars. He took part in the creation of the Ferrari Mondial 8, Maserati Biturbo and Guzzi Le Mans 850 motorbike.

Independent for the last 30 years, his passion for beauty can be seen in the design of several Beneteau interiors he has created since 2005. With each project he challenges himself to connect dreams with reality, combining the best design with perfect ergonomics.

Pierangelo initially focused on powerboats and was challenged to create an innovative range of sport cruisers between 34 and 50 feet (Gran Turismo). Recently he has designed the lush interiors of the Swift Trawler 30, the Gran Turismo 46 and the Oceanis Yacht 62.



Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt

Swift Trawler 34, 44, 50

Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt compliment each other’s strengths in naval architecture. Michel, one of the founding fathers of the Swift Trawler line, brings a love of powerboat design – and Bernard, a love of yachts. As seasoned sailors, both men design boats capable of facing up to the toughest conditions.

Their achievements include designing race-winning yachts that have won The America’s Cup, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and many more. They design robust boats that are made to sail long distances in the harshest conditions.

Joubert and Nivelt started out by racing against François Chalain, Beneteau’s chief designer and in-house conceptualist. François Chalain was impressed with their work and naturally turned to them when looking for an innovative design for the revolutionary Swift Trawler 42. He went on to progress the design on the Swift Trawler 52, 34, 44 and 50.

Michel Joubert passed away on 9 March 2016 and will be remembered as one of the Beneteau greats.



Amedeo Migali

Gran Turismo 40, 46 | Swift Trawler 30| Monte Carlo 4

Micad is a famous Italian naval design office with a reputation for designing practical, elegant and innovative powerboats. Amedeo Migali leads his staff with a strong eye for detail and engineering to create the best production boats on the market today.  

Micad stepped up to the challenge of designing a 40-foot Monte Carlo with features worthy of a Flybridge. Through a collaboration with Beneteau Powerboat and Micad they were able to push the limits to push forward the innovative AirStep® technology. The optimisation on the hull for these large powerboats represented a huge challenge that was overcome beautifully.

Micad’s signature style of clean elegant lines, on a high quality, simple to use powerboat can be seen throughout this range.



Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard

Gran Turismo 40, 46

Talented duo Carlo Nuvolari, the Naval engineer and architect, and Dan Lenard, the designer, founded a small business in 1990. They quickly rose to the top of the world of designing luxury yachts. Nuvolari Lenard believe a yacht should be a pure luxury object. But practicality isn’t overlooked; it’s an established feature with pure luxe woven throughout.

Since 2010, the Beneteau Power design office formed an ongoing exceptional collaboration with Nuvolari Lenard. Most recently, the  duo designed the Gran Turismo 40 and 46 range update.

With high profile clients like Stephen Spielberg entrusting them with the design of his private yacht, Nuvolari Lenard are simply the best. They understand that ultimately, clients expect the quality and style of their boat to be more beautiful than their house.



Pierre Frutschi

Swift Trawler 50, 44, 34

Pierre Frutschi holds naval design central to his business. His workshop, established in Switzerland, specialises in large 40’ to 100’ boats. Pierre Frutschi has designed many one-off boats and as many production boats.

Pierre Frutschi started working with Beneteau in 2006 to create the Swift Trawler range. Responsible for the creation of the interior design for this new exceptional range, his objective was to provide good seakeeping and comfort.



Antares 42, 36, 32, 30 S, 30, 8.80, 7.80, 6.80, 5.80 | Barracuda 9, 8, 7

The Sarrazin Design office was established in Vendée nearly 30 years ago, just a short distance from Beneteau’s headquarters.  They have contributed to the aesthetic appeal and functional success of thousands of products in a variety of sectors, including the automobile and nautical industries.

Strong connections were forged with the Beneteau powerboat design office back in 2000. Patrice Sarrazin went on to design the entire Antares and Barracuda range.

The Sarrazin Design mission is ‘to create style’ and they have certainly achieved this with the Beneteau range.



Tanguy Le Bihan

Swift Trawler 50| Flyer Sportdeck 7.7 | Barracuda 8| Flyer Sundeck 8.8, 6.6| Flyer Spacedeck 5.5

Tanguy Le Bihan founded TLB naval architecture in 2006. TLB is renown for being highly innovative and specialises in hull work, mainly on powerboats. Its signature designs focus on elegance, performance and environment.

TLB’s first collaboration with Beneteau was working on the Monte Carlo hulls, composites, performance and stability of the boat. Then TLB turned its attention and expertise to enhancing the performance of the new Flyer range, the Barracudas and the Swift Trawler 50.    

Tanguy is in love with all that floats. His passion for naval architecture, regattas and cruises can be seen in all of his work.


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