Air Step® 2

Air Step® 2

Inspired by aeronautical technology, Air Step® 2 delivers a smooth and controlled ride even at high speeds in rough seas. You’ll use less fuel while enjoying an increased maximum speed and faster acceleration.

Key Features

  • Quicker acceleration
  • Increased top speed
  • Superb handling and control
  • Carve through the waves
  • Comfortable softened ride
  • Increased fuel efficiency
Aeronautical Technology

Aeronautical Technology

The innovative Air Step® 2 technology is a series of small chevroned steps under the hull.

The steps increase airflow and reduce friction beneath the hull, delivering a quick, clean and responsive ride.

As soon as you accelerate, however rough the conditions, Air Step® 2 means you have the feeling of being lighter, faster and more stable on the water.

Pioneering Design Collaboration

Pioneering Design Collaboration

Beneteau Air Step® Designers: Maud Tronquez, Patrick Tableau, Remi Laval-Jeantet

The designers rose to the challenge of designing a new generation of Beneteau powerboats that would be faster, safer and more efficient while delivering a comfortable ride

… the result was Air Step® 2.

IPS Compatible

IPS Compatible

Air Step® 2 marks considerable recent development in this technology … it is now compatible with IPS engines.

By increasing the volume of air inflow under the hull by 3x, the boat benefits from higher performance, safety and control.

Air Step® 2 is an integral design feature on the Gran Turismo range.



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