Enjoy smooth sailing with Beneteau’s Air Step® 2

Have you heard about Beneteau’s Air Step® 2, a top-tier technology delivering high performance and inspired by the aeronautical industry? Air Step® 2 delivers a smooth and controlled ride, increased maximum speed and faster acceleration, even in rough conditions.

Air Step® 2 designers, Maud Tronquez, Patrick Tableau and Remi Laval-Jeantet, have pioneered a new generation of Beneteau powerboats that are faster, safer and more efficient. In fact, Air Step® 2 is a key design feature on the Gran Turismo range, including the new Gran Turismo 50 and the new Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly. These power cruisers can reach speeds of 28 knots, and with Air Step® 2 technology, you’re ensured the smoothest of rides on the harbour.

This great new video from Beneteau shows you everything you need to know about the amazing technology that is Air Step® 2.

How it works

How it works

The innovative Air Step® 2 technology is a series of small chevroned steps under the hull. These steps increase airflow and reduce friction beneath the hull, delivering a quick, clean and responsive ride. As soon as you accelerate, no matter the conditions, Air Step® 2 means you have the feeling of being lighter, faster and more stable on the water.



  • Quicker acceleration
  • Increased top speed
  • Superb handling and control
  • Comfortable ride
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • IPS engine compatible

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