Antares 30 Fly The Perfect Family Boat

Antares 30 Fly The Perfect Family Boat

We’re getting rave reviews from Flagstaff owners about the Beneteau Antares 30 Fly. The key feedback is that this family-friendly 30-footer is incredibly fuel efficient and reliable, offers enough space for overnighters with the kids and can handle blue water as well as harbour cruising.

Who knew the Antares 30 Fly was the perfect family boat? Well obviously we did! We can happily reel off all the reasons this safe and comfortable cruiser is so popular world wide – but let’s go one better – let’s talk to the owners themselves about what makes the Antares 30 Fly their perfect boat.

Scott and Genevieve

Scott and Genevieve

Scott and Genevieve Andresson bought their Antares 30 Fly back in 2012 after trading up from a smaller cruiser they’d enjoyed for nine years. As a family, they try to get out on the water as much as possible no matter the season and have clocked up 850 hours so far over the past six years.

“In the warmer months we get out at least once a week,” says Scott. “We like Hallot’s Beach or Fisherman’s Beach during the week. Probably our all-time favourite is Mackerel Beach. You’ve got to know it a bit, because you can see the bottom and the sand extends right out. There is plenty of room, you’ve just got to come in the right channel. So that’s our favourite.”

Jim and Debbie

Jim and Debbie

Jim and Debbie are looking forward to receiving their Antares 30 Fly later this year. As seasoned sailors the couple are downsizing from their beloved Beneteau 40ft yacht. Jim is confident that the move from sail to power will mean they can continue enjoying time out on the water.

“We didn’t want too big a boat. We wanted something just the two of us could handle. The Antares 30 has got a good reputation and motoring-wise it can handle a trip from the city to Broken Bay. We had the yacht set up so we could cruise two handed but we were finding that a little difficult as we’re getting a little older. We have friends who have powerboats, so we thought we’d make the change from yachting to powerboats.”

All about family

All about family

For Scott and Genevieve, as long-term boat owners, time on the water has always been about special times with the family.

“You have access to boat-only beaches that are uncrowded,” says Scott, “and you’ve got all you need for the day on the boat. So you go to the beach and pull up and have a couple of drinks and the children are running along the beach and playing with sticks and sand and all of that sort of thing, so it worked really well in that regard. We were always deliberating about going to the bigger boat and how much it would all cost, the mooring and that sort of thing, but then eventually we did it and it’s the best decision we ever made, buying a bigger one.”

Jim and Debbie were looking for the versatility to cruise as a couple but have room for their adult children and grandkids.

“We thought the size of it was big enough to be comfortable for two,” says Jim, “and if we wanted to take a guest or two you could stay on the boat. We’ve got grandchildren so there’s a berth there with two single bunks so that’d be fine for the grandkids.”

The layout also worked well for Genevieve, as Scott explains.

“We’ve got three children so she just really liked the layout and the fact that it had the two bunks. You’ve got the double berth up the front, then two bunks on the side, so we can sleep two children there and we convert over the settee in the saloon to have the third child.”

Flybridge - Bonus Space and 360° Views

Flybridge - Bonus Space and 360°  Views

When you ask Scott and Jim why they chose the flybridge you just know it’s the standout feature that turned a great boat into the perfect boat.

“The flybridge is sensational,” says Scott. “We’ll use that 80% of the time just for the view. In the summer, you’re sitting up there with nothing around you, just nature – and all you hear is the swishing of the water.

It actually gives you the advantage of steering the boat from an elevated position and there’s a little bit of entertaining area up there… So if you’ve got ten people on the boat, people can sit upstairs and there’s room downstairs as well. So it just gives an added option for another entertaining area.”

Twin Helm Advantage

Twin Helm Advantage

Scott explains the advantage of having two helm stations; the lower helm is an advantage when the weather turns and allows you to keep the flybridge open.

“In the fine weather, we have the bimini up and then you’ve got the full 360° view around it unimpeded by plastic. The thing with the Antares 30,” says Scott, “because it’s available in the sedan model, it’s got a dedicated lower helm. If the weather is bad, you’ve got the lower helm with wipers, real nice and cosy in there.

The other advantage with driving from the flybridge is you don’t get the engine noises. With the open flybridge, you don’t get the noise because there’s nothing for it to get trapped in, so I think that’s a really good feature of the boat to have the twin helms.”

Simplicity is the Key

 Simplicity is the Key

Both Scott and Jim list the simplicity of the single shaft drive and diesel engine as a big selling point for them.

“I’m a bit of a conventionalist,” says Scott. “I like the inboard motor and the shaft drive … it’s like a big boat scaled down there. Everything’s ready to go, everything’s proper and simple but very well finished.”

“It’s a single screw shaft drive boat which is not as complicated as some of the other boats that you see being sold these days,” says Jim. “This boat has standard the 9-stroke engine, 370 horsepower diesel it’s a traditional style motor even though it’s modern and simple to maintain.”

Low Running Costs

For Scott, trading up to a 30ft boat meant keeping an eye on his costs.

“The costs are very low. That’s one of the things I said, ‘If I’m going to give this a go with this bigger boat, it’ll have to be a low-cost boat to run in the marina and that type of thing,’ and it is. Plus you’ve got the single diesel, so your costs are lower. That’s all it needs – it’s great, the single diesel.”

He’s also been pleased by the boat’s fuel efficiency.

“Even at cruising speed, at 21.5 knots to 22 knots, you’re only using 50 litres an hour, which is pretty economical. Then you can dial it back to 7 or 8 knots or even 8 or 9 knots and that significantly increases the range and reduces the fuel consumption at that speed”

Beneteau quality

Jim and Debbie are long time Beneteau owners and while they did look at various other powerboats, ultimately, they decided to stick with the brand they knew and trusted.

“We’ve been very happy with the Beneteau brand and quality of the build. Our 40-foot yacht has been a fantastic boat and we’re sad to see it go but it’s time to move on to a new stage in our lives.”

For Scott, the quality and styling of the Antares 30 Fly are also a winner.

“Beneteau are styled very well. The systems are all heavy-duty, so the windlass, for instance, it’s a 1000-watt windlass and the cables are big cables and we like anchoring all the time, so we find that’s a very good feature of the boat.”

Harbour or Blue Water

Harbour or Blue Water

Undoubtedly the Antares 30 Fly is so popular not only because it offers up a great day cruising on the harbour but because it can handle the blue water as well.

As Scott explains,

“Most boats are pretty hardy in a good head sea but not in a following sea. This boat, it’s just designed like it’s on rails, so is particularly good in a following sea. And you can go hard and if you hit a hole it’s quite fun actually; you ride up the wave, you go head first into it and five seconds later you’re out but it’s perfectly straight and you don’t feel at all in danger – not at all.”

Jim, who moors at North Harbour, is looking forward to going as far as Broken Bay and Port Stephens. While Scott, who is moored in Bobbin Head, regularly takes his boat out and through the heads to Sydney Harbour and is keen to cruise further north, soon.

We wish Jim, Scott and their families many more wonderful days out on the water. And thanks to Scott for the fantastic photos.

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